What Moves You?

Energy is all around us as well as in us.  It’s a force to reckon with, just don’t catch yourself biting off more than you can chew.

When we think about energy, some of the first things that come to mind are: protein shakes, caffeine (coffee please), running a mile, or getting through a work day successfully.  The previous mentioned embodies the use of the word energy. Do we often get lost in the daily grind on the concept of energy?


I saw a post on Instagram today that inspired me to step back and consider this overused word, yet under utilized concept (energy).  The post stated that your vibe leaves an impression before you speak.


Do we think about the implications of our actions, let alone what our personal energy field is conveying to others?  It’s surprising in our current world to see a person smile at us when making eye contact.  It’s like people are saving all their personality for their online persona.  That’s fine and all, but humans are meant to interact on a physical level in a positive way.

(Please note that some days massive amounts of caffeinated beverages & protein shakes are the sole reason I smile).

It’s all good.  All I’m saying is that it’s important to be aware of one’s surroundings as it also influences another’s environment as well. Be careful what is put out into the world’s energy field as it tends to make its way back. Pretend to be a child in a sandbox. Let’s all place nice.

Smile at someone today.


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To Spend or to Save?

There’s a very simple solution

I woke up this morning with a desire to be in Chicago.  It’s a vast land of opportunity, leisure, some of the best cuisine, and unbeatable scenery.  Since I’m not shining bright like a diamond in the financial realm, it was time to bust out the cellular and glance at my bank ledger.


Upon clicking on the banking mobile app, I held my breath in anticipation. The dollar amount seemed accurate but the figure wasn’t very impressive, so this was a perfect opportunity to explore debits and credits (yay accounting).  It’s looking like the backyard will have to suffice for the time being.

It took all of five minutes to find out that I had spent nearly $600 on miscellaneous purchases within the last 2 months. (Miscellaneous items are outside of the necessities such as rent, groceries, phone bill, etc.) None of these purchases were pricey items like a television or a new MacBook Pro either, so where did all that money go?

  • eating out
  • vending machine money for work
  • gum
  • Sobe LifeWater
  • festivities
  • shopping at thrift stores and Dollar General

Although in theory most of this could be relatively affordable to an impoverished person, I’m apparently lacking self control in the financial department because these things are expensive for my taste.  I go hard.

With this new found knowledge of a self-diagnosed “borderline stupidity disorder”, it has never been more clear that I need to tame my inner child and focus on flexing that adulting muscle everyone has been raving about…

In the effort to bulk up my wallet and travel profusely, I have decided to do the opposite of the above list in bullets:

  1. eating out       MEAL PREP
  2. vending machine money for work      NO ATM ZONES
  3. gum       ICE CUBES
  4. Sobe LifeWater       H2O
  5. festivities      BLOG/SNAPCHAT/VLOG/NETFLIX
  6. shopping at thrift stores and Dollar General        GO FOR A RUN

What habits would you like to get rid of or create?

Is there anything specific that helps you through this process?

How does one stay the course?

Until next time.  Stay blessed

Take The Plunge

Going Out On a Limb

Too many times do I find myself thinking about possibilities of business ventures, potential relationships, YouTube ideas, among many other topics.

The next step to thinking about an idea is to write it down.  It’s in the physical pen to paper habit that concretes the idea into reality.  It helps to visualize the goal and work towards it in a tangible way. This way it can also be posted on a bathroom mirror or office space.  (I like to use a vision board).  TweetMe some of the ways that work for you.

Brainstorming is great and all but putting ideas into action is the key to success.— Ty Swank (@tswank99) July 15, 2016

Visualizing the ideas/goals are crucial to stay on the course to completing the tasks at hand in order to follow through with the goals.  It’s all about the end game people.  The last mile on the road to success is never bombarded.

The final step is to cross off items on your list to stay on track with the goal.  It’s easy to get discouraged while completing something worthwhile.  There will be obstacles but staying on course and crossing off items as a way to reward yourself for small successes is a profound way to keep the pace.

Best of luck to all.  Don’t ever give up.

If you like these ideas, please share them.


Insomnia Relief

Energy Crisis Mode

I’ve been dealing with insomnia for 7 years now.  It has progressively gotten worse as time goes on.  Since sleep is cumulative, something has to give.

Since it’s it’s extremely important to get rest at night, I’ve exhausted many resources including various blood tests, sleeping aides, exercise, yoga, meditation, therapy, etc.  The blood tests return at normal levels, the sleep aides might work for a couple hours, and exercise tends to help a little.

How does one alleviate deprivation mode?

I decided to explore my diet and nutrition habits.  Researching is a huge hobby of mine, so it didn’t take long to come up with some possible solutions.


This regiment has helped me get an average of 4-5 hours of sleep per night:

  • Meat is extremely hard for the body to digest, so I gave it up.
  • B-vitamins (especially B12) are crucial to increase energy levels during the day.  Since I have more energy during the day, I get more done and am wiped out by bedtime.
      • Methylcobalamin is more absorbent than Cyanocobalamin as -methyl is derived from food sources.
  • GABA helps to control nerve impulses and helps to slow down brain activity.
  • Calcium and vitamin D combos help the body to absorb nutrition.  (Vitamin D is also a natural anti-depressant for anyone on that spectrum of health issues).
  • I turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes prior to retiring.
  • If I have a sleepless night, reading and going for short walks help occasionally.

These routines have improved my physical and mental health due to getting more shut eye. I hope that everyone gets the sleep they need tonight and every night.

Until next time,


Are We Free?

Check the Price Tag

Independence Day is a significant moment in history for the United States.  It means that we are a free nation to make our own rules. This day gives us all time to reflect on those who paved the way to grant us the ability to enjoy our lives as we know it today.

Freedom wasn’t free.  Thomas Jefferson and many others had to sacrifice much of their time and personal liberty in order for our country to prosper.  The U.S. military goes to bat for us continuously fighting for our civil liberties.

It seems as though people in our society are becoming soft.  We’ve become soft in the sense that the price has already been paid for all of us.  Most of us don’t even bother to concern ourselves with the details of the price tag for our freedom.

The moral of the story is that we should all be grateful for the sacrifices of our ancestors and those who continue to help keep this wonderful country afloat, also amazing, on a daily basis.

Spend time with your family.  Appreciate one another.  Feed the homeless. Do whatever you can to make this world a little more free.  If we all make an effort, the possibilities of a more peaceful existence will be among us.


Have a blessed one and remember what makes this day meaningful.  US. United.




Natural Happiness

Kids, The Cure

As a person who hardly ever sleeps more than an hour at a time, it is difficult to be positive, let alone level-headed.  To help alleviate some of the negativity I fill out a gratitude list every morning/afternoon since it’s generally hard to get out of bed.

Gratitude becomes easier as I fill out a paper daily.  I started out being able to write down only one of two items to appreciate about my life.  Slowly, but surely I’m able to write down roughly ten items daily.  (pats self on the back).

Children are my number one joy in life.  They are so free-spirited and not jaded by life situations.  Kids are extremely impressionable and I’m very happy to have a wonderful niece and nephew to call family.  These magical creatures of joy give a profound sense of purpose.  Suddenly my life feels lighter and more joyful!  I am more focused on taking care of them rather than always concentrating on myself.   

The key is progress.  It’s one thing to think positive thoughts and attempt to keep track of them in the mind.  It’s a whole other perspective to write a daily ‘grateful journal’ if you will.  Anyone that is challenged with mental health issues or just negative emotional problems should definitely fill out a list of things in which to appreciate the life you’ve been given.

There is nobody quite like you and no two people are alike.  This is something to love about life right off the bat.  The possibilities are endless.  It’d be pretty boring to walk around seeing all the same personalities, goals, dreams, desires.

Change starts with making a simple choice to accept greatness into your life and my life as well.  

Share with me how you stay positive or become positive over time. Let’s lift each other up and remind ourselves constantly that this too shall pass, good and bad.

Love your life,


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It’s devastating to think that it’s not safe to express ourselves in our modern day society.
The recent attack at the Orlando nightclub has left us all wondering: was it an act out of hatred or a terrorist message? Hopefully this question will be answered in an appropriate way.
The NRA defends the 2nd Amendment, which begs a very important question: are there enough regulations concerning weapons and their attainability? My response is no. Sure, convicted felons aren’t allowed to carry weapons, but who’s to say that citizens aren’t purchasing guns for the unlawful? There needs to be stricter rules in place that lower the probability of these attacks to occur. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Although it’s a valid argument, hatred and poor education at home lead to acts of violence.
It’s alright to disagree with a group of people but let’s debate with each other rather than resorting to violence that doesn’t solve anything. We should be coinciding as a nation, not tearing each other apart. Freedom of choice is wonderful IN A RESPONSIBLE FORM.
Vote for those in November 2016 who abide my morals rather than personal choice. The evidence is pretty clear in that there should be more predominant regulations.
Best wishes all,

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