Take The Plunge

Going Out On a Limb

Too many times do I find myself thinking about possibilities of business ventures, potential relationships, YouTube ideas, among many other topics.

The next step to thinking about an idea is to write it down.  It’s in the physical pen to paper habit that concretes the idea into reality.  It helps to visualize the goal and work towards it in a tangible way. This way it can also be posted on a bathroom mirror or office space.  (I like to use a vision board).  TweetMe some of the ways that work for you.

Brainstorming is great and all but putting ideas into action is the key to success.— Ty Swank (@tswank99) July 15, 2016

Visualizing the ideas/goals are crucial to stay on the course to completing the tasks at hand in order to follow through with the goals.  It’s all about the end game people.  The last mile on the road to success is never bombarded.

The final step is to cross off items on your list to stay on track with the goal.  It’s easy to get discouraged while completing something worthwhile.  There will be obstacles but staying on course and crossing off items as a way to reward yourself for small successes is a profound way to keep the pace.

Best of luck to all.  Don’t ever give up.

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