Natural Happiness

Kids, The Cure

As a person who hardly ever sleeps more than an hour at a time, it is difficult to be positive, let alone level-headed.  To help alleviate some of the negativity I fill out a gratitude list every morning/afternoon since it’s generally hard to get out of bed.

Gratitude becomes easier as I fill out a paper daily.  I started out being able to write down only one of two items to appreciate about my life.  Slowly, but surely I’m able to write down roughly ten items daily.  (pats self on the back).

Children are my number one joy in life.  They are so free-spirited and not jaded by life situations.  Kids are extremely impressionable and I’m very happy to have a wonderful niece and nephew to call family.  These magical creatures of joy give a profound sense of purpose.  Suddenly my life feels lighter and more joyful!  I am more focused on taking care of them rather than always concentrating on myself.   

The key is progress.  It’s one thing to think positive thoughts and attempt to keep track of them in the mind.  It’s a whole other perspective to write a daily ‘grateful journal’ if you will.  Anyone that is challenged with mental health issues or just negative emotional problems should definitely fill out a list of things in which to appreciate the life you’ve been given.

There is nobody quite like you and no two people are alike.  This is something to love about life right off the bat.  The possibilities are endless.  It’d be pretty boring to walk around seeing all the same personalities, goals, dreams, desires.

Change starts with making a simple choice to accept greatness into your life and my life as well.  

Share with me how you stay positive or become positive over time. Let’s lift each other up and remind ourselves constantly that this too shall pass, good and bad.

Love your life,


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