It’s devastating to think that it’s not safe to express ourselves in our modern day society.
The recent attack at the Orlando nightclub has left us all wondering: was it an act out of hatred or a terrorist message? Hopefully this question will be answered in an appropriate way.
The NRA defends the 2nd Amendment, which begs a very important question: are there enough regulations concerning weapons and their attainability? My response is no. Sure, convicted felons aren’t allowed to carry weapons, but who’s to say that citizens aren’t purchasing guns for the unlawful? There needs to be stricter rules in place that lower the probability of these attacks to occur. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Although it’s a valid argument, hatred and poor education at home lead to acts of violence.
It’s alright to disagree with a group of people but let’s debate with each other rather than resorting to violence that doesn’t solve anything. We should be coinciding as a nation, not tearing each other apart. Freedom of choice is wonderful IN A RESPONSIBLE FORM.
Vote for those in November 2016 who abide my morals rather than personal choice. The evidence is pretty clear in that there should be more predominant regulations.
Best wishes all,

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