Don’t Miss The Boat

Is It Too Late?

As a collective society, humans tend to focus on themselves and their immediate group of people (family, friends, co-workers).
Some of us go about our days focusing on the current tasks/obstacles at hand.  I’m not saying it’s wrong, but what happens in the meantime with those anti-social folks that our busyness tends to ignore?
Mental health is an increasingly discussed and researched topic as we are seeing more tragedies and losses due to the malfunctioning of the brain structure.  People associated with mental health issues seem to be set aside from those whom are ’emotionally stable’.
The above mentioned screams attention to the fact that everyone in our society should be more adamant with treating and supporting those who suffer daily with emotional/mental issues.  Support groups and discussions are simple ways to help alleviate some of the side effects of disorders such as bipolar or chronic depression.
“Start at home with understanding and being the most emotionally available to those who need it”
Simple Ways to Balance Emotions
  1. Check in daily with everyone in your household (over a meal)
  2. Avoid distractions such as mobile devices or TV while conversing with each other.
  3. Pet therapy is alright as a substitute for people if there is nobody in your home.
  4. Express yourself as much as possible.
  5. Consider going to a therapist.
  6. Read a book when feeling down.  It’s a great way to temporarily ‘escape’ the negative mind chatter.
The old adage is very prevalent to this topic of emotional stability, and here’s a spin on it:

“Misery loves company, yet happiness does as well”.

Live your best life possible.  Choose greatness. We’re all on Earth temporarily so make it count.






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