Water Wonder

Splash Away Your Worries

90° days warrant an extensive day at a water park. It’s official Michigan, summer is here! Let’s keep it this way forever.

My sister and I have always been really great friends, so it’s natural that we ventured to a ‘Flash Flood’ with my niece in toe. Since the little nugget is only 2 years old, we weren’t sure how much adventure was in store.

Her apprehension started our little journey into the water..this could potentially be a disaster & a meltdown waiting to happen.

The complete opposite occurred during our stay. She had a blast! People everywhere and floating devices for days amazed her to end. So much so that she was paralyzed for a few minutes in sensory overload.

My sister and I also had a really good time, especially watching her daughter splash around the soaked city. It was also a prime opportunity to utilize an important tool:  Snapchat 🙂

Michigan weather isn’t usually the greatest, so every wonderful day elicits an activity outdoors.

When they say ‘make all your days seem like the last one’, we hit that nail on the head today.


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