Respect: Pass It Along

Everybody Deserves It

Imagine waking up at 3am and not being able to sleep. There are a million thoughts processing through the brain, new ones and old.  The idea of reminiscing isn’t only for good memories but also for the bad..or is it?  Constant turmoil and over-analyzing flood the neuro pathway structure in the brain.

Now think of that same sleepless event happening every single night.  That happens to yours truly, and it has been occurring for around 7 years now.  Some days it’s nearly impossible to get out of bed.  My body wants to stay at rest all day, even though that doesn’t promise any sort of sleep.  It’s extremely debilitating at times.

Having said the above mentioned, the sleep deprived Ty can function fairly well.  Some days I’m even full of positive energy.  Most of it is forced..or at least was forced, until it became an automatic response to my life.

The moral of my story is this:  We’re all going through struggles which is why we should all respect each other.  You may not know what I’m going through, just like I may not know that you suffer from bipolar disorder.  

Respect and decency starts with myself.  I have to take care of my body, even though my body doesn’t always take care of me.  Self care is accomplished by eating a healthy vegetable and fruit-forward diet, minimal processed foods, exercise, lots of water, and gratitude.  Sure, some days are better than others with the dieting.  That’s alright, get back on the wagon asap.

I’ve found that forcing myself to compliment others when I’m feeling down or lifeless helps distract me from that mode of being to promoting their self image and raising mine at the same time. Win-win.

Pass it along and share this post.  Respect one another.

Best wishes to all,


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