Life Taught Me Well

Quiet Desperation

It’s said that the teacher is quietest during the test.  This couldn’t be more relevant today.
I woke up today wondering how I ended up in the position I am in life.  It isn’t an unhealthy analysis, just meant to reflect on past experiences, mistakes, and successes.  All these elements add up to the current situation.
In the past I’ve avoided these elements by telling myself that it’ll ‘all work out.’  Yeaaa, about that.  Come to find out, it doesn’t operate that way at all.  Life is mostly all choice. I can choose to be happy, choose to make better/different decisions, pick friends that are motivated and people that I aspire to be.  It’s also said that a person is the average of the top 5 friends in which they spend the most time.
In that spirit, it’s detrimental for me to choose people that are more advanced and further along in their journey than I am.  I’m not trying to be hard on myself, but it’s part of the growth process.  I can get depressed or choose to learn from the scars and bruises that are inevitable in this lifetime.  It’s alright because the hurt and pain only make me stronger. That is my mindset.
This is an intentional decision to create a better life for myself and others. It’s my hope and dream to further our current world into a place where everyone feels loved and accepted.
It’ll help us all produce better outcomes for our futures. Be positive through the storms and continue that spirit throughout the successes as well.  
Best wishes to all,
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