Support The Future

The Upcoming Generation

As a person who loves dealing with children, it is extremely detrimental in our society to hone in on their creativity.  Let me explain why:

  1. They are most impressionable from birth to the age of 18.  This is an opportunity to foster their environment in a positive way.  Educators and parents alike are responsible for this impact.  Also, people like myself who enjoy enriching their lives.
  2. Education is key to their development.  It’s in learning numbers, letters, and colors that kick-start their ability to extend their knowledge in other areas such as communication with those around them and expressing themselves in a positive way.
  3. Children are our future society.  They will become our engineers, technologists, educators, and our law enforcement.  The more we teach them, the more they are going to think critically.  Weighing out options and prioritizing are more likely to be their knowledge base.

My favorite part of  expressing opinions and ideas on a blog is the sharing in hopes that we will live in a productive way so that our children and their little ones will be productive and advance the world in a positive way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Namaste.

Best wishes all,


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