Family Detour!

My sister, nephew, niece, and I packed up our beach towels, sunscreen, bathing suits, and ventured onto the road toward a water park an hour from home. Upon arrival we noticed plenty of children running around the soaked out city of wonder along with several staff members attempting to keep track of all the activity happening around them.

As we entered the ticketing part of the facility, the receptionist proceeded to tell us that the park was closed.  We asked her why children and staff were soaking up the sun and enjoying the water attractions.  Her response was that the facility doesn’t open until the week after the holidays, the current one being Memorial Day.  Come to find out, the group had rented out the building for the day.
Pretty strange response.
It’s funny that even Google thought the water park was open. I clearly expressed my frustration with the lady (politely), offering Google’s name up in concern to the false advertising, given we had driven an hour to get there.  She asked us to wait so that she could “verify our information” and apologized as she knew we were correct.  We got free passes for our next visit as a remorse offering.
So, we ended up at a garage sale, got the kids some toys, and headed to a zoo.  We were all fairly pleased with the experience. Long story short, make the best of every situation.  Life is too short to be angry enough to let it ruin a day, a week, or even longer.  Let it go and move in.  That’s what we did and it turned out well.
Best wishes all,
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