Desire to Aspire

I watched an inspiring message today that brought forth many emotions, reminding me that if I do something, there’s a chance to succeed or fail.  Either way, at the very least, I tried. That’s all that truly matters.

Life is a series of choices: speak up or shut up, say yes or say no, go for a run or lay on the couch. We all have 24 hours in a day. Some choose to fill every second of the day, while others choose to waste it all away (It’s my inner rapper).

The results of our choices are somewhat predictable, but often times unpredictable as well.  The ripple effect of our decisions go on for years and ultimately affect the rest of our lives.  The problem is when we fail to realize that our actions also affect those around us, especially our loved ones.  Actions carry heavy weight compared to our words or thoughts, so we need to think carefully so that our words lead to actions that are worthy of our loved one’s attention.  Mindfulness is key to a healthy life experience.

Since I always speak my mind, blogging is super easy. I’ve never been the journaling type, but I do love writing. Blogging to me is a hybrid of the two expressions. It’s also great that I ramble because there’s always a million things on my mind at any given moment, so I hope that at least one sentence means something to somebody. That is my wish. I dream big, live out loud, speak passionately, and very rarely apologize unless I’m severely wrong. 

If you need an honest opinion on a topic/situation, I’m your guy. Let’s talk possibility, be real, and be human. Life is a choice, choose wisely


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