Choose Gratitude

List Out Happy Events

Two weeks ago, I started a gratitude list on a piece of paper along with a pen.  I know what you’re probably thinking…who does this anymore?  This guy. Let me explain why.

Too many people these days rely on technology to communicate their feelings, social skills, opinions, hate, love, and everything in between.  Pen and paper have allowed me to express myself in a way that communicates to my soul.  There are no comments, likes, or shares in the process.  The only person am in competition is with the person I was yesterday.  Pen to paper is known to effectively transfer information from visual to mental processing more easily and is ingrained deeper into memory.

In an ongoing effort to remain grateful, I list at least three items in the morning upon waking up.  The first day, it was somewhat difficult to think of three things (pretty sad).  This set off a light bulb in my head that said, “You need to be doing this more than ever Ty”.  As days passed, it became easier to think of more and more in which to be grateful.  It’s known that the more one is grateful, the more there is to be grateful for.

I’ve been increasingly depressed since I can remember.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  This gratitude list has shown me several things including:


1) I’m an extremely resilient person to have survived this long with     emotional issues.

2) Even in the darkest moments, there are plenty of reasons to be         grateful.

3) There are plenty of individuals who have it worse than I do.

4) I’m a loving, supportive person of those less fortunate,             children, the elderly, and dogs.

5) I have gifts that are unique to me. There is no other Tyrus.

I could go on forever.  This dude has the gift of gab and I could speak for weeks on end if I could be sleep deprived long enough to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Everyone deserves to be loved.  So if you’re reading this and feel like your life has no purpose, please trust me when I say that life is worth it and the problems you’re facing are temporary.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t minimize your current situation.  It’s just that sometimes it takes time to get through a tunnel of darkness, especially with heavy traffic.  Yes, your proverbial cars tires might be flat, but there’s always a spare in the trunk or someone nearby in the traffic to help fix the damaged tires.

Keep going and never give up.  It’s not over until the end, and end doesn’t mean there’s not a detour to take on a different path.

Best wishes all,


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