Character Not Opinions


Perspective Over Opinion

I’d like to take this time out to send kudos out to those who are dealing with physical challenges/mental disorders OR those dealing with loved ones under these circumstances.

I’ve always been a person who could get along with many groups of people.  Gender, physical capabilities, sexual preferences, political stances, religion choices, etc. have never been able to stop me from being a friend to somebody. Character, class, positive attitude, respect for the human condition, and empathy are much more detrimental to me.

It’s hard to be open-minded at times, but it’s preferable over losing out on a relationship of any kind because of a difference that doesn’t matter in the scheme of life.  Is it really important that a person chooses to dress vintage, consignment, or Valentino?  Better yet, does it matter that a person is gay, straight or somewhere in between?

Modern world or not, people should be accepted whether they have Down Syndrome, bipolar disorder, are paraplegic, or have HIV.  We are all on this planet to co-exist.  Acceptance is key in an already chaotic atmosphere known as Earth.  Sure, it’s alright to disagree with a sexual preference.  Does it mean you should avoid a wonderfully giving person because of that preference or pre-disposition?  My opinion is no.

Abstract thinking runs my perspective.  Artistic ability, visual stimuli, multi-tasking, and a free spirited attitude control my every ounce of being.  I choose to be accepting and appreciate character over a person’s personal preference or disability.

Love one another and choose character.




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