Optimal Living

Food prepping allows my body and mind to connect. I make healthier choices when I take the time to prep my meals in advance.
Healthier food allows my body to function at an optimal level, balancing nutrition and mobility. 
This is where meditation and yoga come into play. Meditation allows my body, mind, and spirit connect in a way that allows for more efficiency in life: from communication skills to seizing other opportunities that I may otherwise miss, due to lack of sleep, depression, etc.
 Meditation allows for focus and concentration on internal conflicts/resolutions. Different pathways in the brain are formed. I can never, nor want, to go back to my old self. This is a higher form of being, and I choose excellence.
Yoga is very beneficial as well. It’s helpful for my musculoskeletal system, which needs improvement. Also, I can feel tension releasing in places I couldn’t imagine in my drunken stooper.
 My intention now is to live the best life possible, healthy LIFE so as to assist others in reaching their goals. Giving back is very important in a world full of chaos.
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