Fix That Mindset

Yesterday proved to be fairly challenging as far as mindset and accomplishing my daily goals of creating a website, blogging, and promoting my social media.

It all started out well.  Everything was flowing, ideas were popping up left and right, the website was working in my favor.  Then, there was something challenging that surfaced with the website development.  Since this is a new avenue for me, you’d think I would be patient with myself, right?  Not a chance.

I was trying to put social media widget links on my blog.  It requires HTML codes, formatting, the nine.  It took longer than I expected, and it was frustrating.

At the end of what seemed like 2 hours, really only took 45 minutes.  The point is that drama has no place in the world of success.  Mindset is 80% of the battle.  It’s extremely crucial in achieving goals.

The website is developed and the process wasn’t all that serious.  Now, I have to manage it with a positive attitude.

Here’s to success.  Have a great one all of you.


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