Hold The Meat Please

It’s been over a month since I’ve consumed any form of meat, with the exception of seafood.  This would be coined as a pescatarian diet.  Here’s why I made the decision:

DISCLAIMER:  Meat isn’t necessarily wrong, this is an experiment.

The past 7 years I’ve been battling increasing insomnia, more difficulty forming ideas, and general lack of energy.  Every prescription drug and over-the-counter remedy have been prescribed and recommended.  I’ve tried exercise, meditation, yoga, reading before bed, eating a clean diet with virtually no processed foods, you name it.

It would seem as though I was running out of options.  The next decision I could make would be to change some other part of my diet.  I worked for Whole Foods Market for over 3 years and the experience there taught me many valuable health ideas, one of them being special dieting based on allergies.  I learned over time that meat and dairy are the toughest items for the human body to digest.

The next logical step was to eliminate meat from the diet.  The first couple weeks was challenging in the sense that many of my meals consisted of selecting a piece of meat and forming the rest of the meal around the meat choice.  The process in my mind had to reverse in order to make the meal ‘seem complete’.  The first selections in the meal were to be vegetables, fruit, and/or starch.  The possibilities of meal options started to unfold left and right.  Come to find out, ridding meat in the diet is surprisingly simple, especially with all the vegan options available in stores.

Fast forward to a little over one month meat-free:

I’m starting to sleep roughly 2 more consecutive hours per night on average, my energy level is more level rather than dipping continuously throughout the day after a meaty meal.  This to me is a successful mission.

To anyone feeling off on a continual basis, I’d suggest starting with your diet.  Along with exercising, making better choices for YOUR body can help mold a more successful future in your health.  Give it a try, there’s nothing to lose.

Best to all,


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