Spring time means a few things: flowers are budding, colors are being restored to nature, beach body mode is in full effects, AND time to fire up the outdoor food machine!

The grill brings out the most creative and innermost food cravings in a healthy manner.  Since it’s almost time to hit the beaches and frequent bonfires, I want to feel amazing doing it as I want to fill the days with the most possible.  Anybody that has been to Michigan knows that good weather isn’t common or consistent, so it’s good to be prepared for any semi-non-freezable weather conditions.

The preparation step

Upon spotting baby cremini mushrooms in the fridge, there was an easy choice to make: provolone stuffed buttons of deliciousness.  I yanked out the stems quicker than a whack-a-mole arcade game and proceeded to sprinkle Mrs. Dash and shoved in gobs of provolone deli slices.  I rubbed some olive oil on a pie pan and placed the ‘shrooms on promptly.  They were placed in the oven for 10 minutes on 375 degrees.

Here’s where the grill comes into play

Cocktail shrimp, parsley, minced garlic and more Mrs. Dash are placed on aluminum foil along with sweet baby peppers and mushroom stems.  Salmon doused in garlic, parsley, and a hefty amount of paprika, complete this grill worthy meal.

Voila! The finished product

It’s just as appetizing as it looks to the eye.  As I always say, presentation is key.

Best wishes all,


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