Another day brings forth an opportunity to make a change or improve on a current project.  Today is a day to improve on a current project, this blog.  It didn’t dawn on me until last week that this creative outlet has been ready to use at any given time for a few years now.

So why has it taken this long to start posting blogs?  Mindset.  It was in my head that my voice wouldn’t make a difference to anyone in this online world.  Instead of blogging I would go shopping, exercise endlessly, or party like I would never socialize again.  Boy was I extremely wrong! This guy has an uncanny ability to speak to anybody, relate to the masses, and to inspire many. Writing has always been a passion of mine, combined with the necessity to be heard.  This is the definition of online journaling (blogging) in my mind and it’s such a liberating feeling to have an outlet that can be called my very own.

It is surprisingly more challenging to express feelings through media rather than through voice.  As they say, practice makes perfect right?

Creativity comes in many shapes and forms, mine being varied.  This brain never takes a break, as you’ll notice pretty quickly that I tend to ramble and speak to no end…and you know what?  THAT’S OK.  This whole ‘sharing my life’ thing becomes easier the more that I’m willing to open up and let the world shine in.  There’s a lot that each and every one of us has to offer, and this is my wonderful way to offer something that I hope can be of some use.

I woke up as an uncle today, woke up to see another 24 hours, went to the park, ate pizza, took a nap, got inspired to write this…and it’s only halfway through the day.

Today’s a new start, no matter how daunting it may seem at the moment.  At the start of this blog, I was in a cloudy mood.  Now, the thought put into typing this, has distracted me long enough to have accomplished something.

Have a great life.



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